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Today i am going talk more about skincare. The extra beauty essentials that a lot of people do not talk, read or know about. Whether you are prepping to get married or  like Kourtney Kardashian who is expecting a baby or like Rihanna who likes to appear nude but of course with beautiful skin. No matter what stage you are in life you should want amazing skin.

Here are a few product types you can incorporate into your day and night regimen.
  • SPF-I can never stress how important SPF is your daily regimen. It does not matter if it is 10 degrees outside, you need to wear SPF. It helps block free radicals and UVB/ UVA rays, helps with hyperpigmentation, helps with sunburn and it can also act as a prevention method for skin cancer along with a few other things. SPF can be purchased by itself otherwise it can be found in moisturizers, primers, foundations and serums. Ex: Sheisedo ultimate sun protection lotion SPF-50, Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunscreen SPF 45 
  • Eye cream- The driest skin on your face happens to be around your eye area and lips. Next time your lips are chapped just imagine how your eyes are feeling. Eye creams are used to moisturize your eye area of course but it can also be used for tired eyes, lines and wrinkles, under eye bags and dark circles. You usually want to find one that will help with whatever problem you have. So next time you have a hangover and have to be at work, use an an eye cream and it will be like nothing ever happened. Ex: Kiehls creamy eye treatment
  • Scrubs/ Exfoliator- Facial scrubs are something everyone is probably familiar with. It can be used to smooth out your pores. Brushes can also serve as Exfoilators. Ex: Homemade scrub- Honey, sugar and olive oil.
Whatever you choose to incorporate into your regimen, make sure you know what ingredients are in your products and what works for your skin type.
Remember No Parabens!

Which one of these product types do you guys already have in your regimen and how has it worked so far?

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