Hey favorite people, I know its been forever! Yes we can rejoice about my day off, i know, i know. Instead of me talking about how hectic work and school is, here is a quick post on how to get a quick fresh face in no time for work or school.

1. Prime your face with an hydrating primer especially if you feel your skin is a little on the "help i'm about to crack" or "oh crap is freezing outside" stage.

2. Apply a tinted moisturizer by stippling it on your face instead of moving it around. It will last longer.

3.Dab a brightening concealer under your eyes, remember not to place it to close to your lash line because it will make your eyes look puffier especially if you will not be wearing an eye liner.

4. Use a brush that isn't dense to place your highlighter on top of your cheekbones. This will ensure you do not apply too much highlighter, remember the look is suppose to be fresh.

5. Apply a blush tone that is flattering to your skin tone.

6. Instead of painting your brows on, save yourself some time and use a tinted brow gel. It looks more natural.

7. Use a lip stain close enough to your lip color or just natural.

8. Coat your lashes with as many coats of mascara as you need . You can never look too awake, just make sure it doesn't look like spider legs.

I hope you learned how to look fresh and awake for your busiest days. I want to know what your daily quick routine is, share! Have a great week guys!

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