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It is that time of the year again for everyone; the family dinners, the reason for the season, the gift giving and so on. Everyone and their grandma has something on their wish list. So here's a gift guide for every kind of woman in your life.

The Punctual friend: You can never go wrong with a Daniel Wellington watch, its classic and looks good for every occasion.

The shoe lover: Every girl loves a pair of pumps, especially a Gianvito Rossi one!

The makeup artist: This Bobbi brown eye shadow palette is great for any skin tone and can be used to create several looks.

The scent expert: Everyone knows a girl that collects perfumes, why not introduce this limited edition Neom candle for her home.

The tech girl: There is always that one girl that owns every new tech item on the market, surprise her with one she will love even more. A gold I Phone 6.

The photographer: I personally get excited for new camera accessories and you definitely can't go wrong with a Canon 85mm f1.2 lens.

The accessory fanatic: Just as I love a camera accessory, every girl loves a cool bracelet. Especially one that mimics a Cartier without the Cartier price tag! Try this Anarchy street nail bracelet.

The fashion addict: Everyone seems to know a fashion blogger these days, here's a Zara jewel tone coat for her next post.

The life consultant: We all know that one girl that has life all figured out and is always reading a self-help book. Here is the perfect book for her, by Shannon Kaiser.

Good luck shopping this Christmas and leave a comment down below letting me know your favorite item on this list and what is the one ultimate must have gift on your list. Have a Merry Christmas!

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